Chart: Chrono Trigger vs. Ocarina of Time

To go along with the final list in this series, here’s a bonus chart: the cumulative and day-by-day votes of Chrono Trigger and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The two staged an impressive back-and-forth battle: aside from the first day, neither game ever had more than a five-vote lead over the other. Ocarina of Time was the leader out of the gate, but Chrono Trigger gradually lowered the gap, taking the lead on January 31st. Ocarina of Time retook the lead two days later and held it until the two games tied on February 7th, and Chrono Trigger brought home the win with a 3-vote advantage on February 8th, the last day of voting.

10 - CT vs OoTClick the chart to bring up a full-screen view of it.

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