Chart: Games in the Top 100

Each week throughout the Top 100 Games of All Time, According to GameFAQs series, I’ll be including an interesting chart that summarizes the results in some kind of unique way. These will, hopefully, give an extra layer of insight into the results. At the conclusion of the series, I’ll also be posting the raw results online for anyone to check out and analyze in their own way.

This week, to go along with the final list in the series, I present a visual depiction of the GameFAQs Top 100. You already know all of the numbers here, but this gives you a visual depiction of the voting distribution.

In my opinion, the most interesting element of this chart are the inflection points, the points where a significant drop marked the difference between one point and the next. The top two finishers, Chrono Trigger and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, were far and away the top two, beating the third-place finisher, Final Fantasy VII, but 30 votes. Final Fantasy VII is itself on a bit of an island, far behind the top two but far ahead the third-place Final Fantasy VI, itself somewhat isolated. From there, the next significant drop-off is between 9th and 10th, with Super Smash Bros. Melee defeating Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy Tactics by a fair margin.

The most significant drop-off in the entire result summary, however, occurs between 20th and 21st place. Super Metroid beats Super Mario 64 by 17 votes, a margin not otherwise seen until the top four. After that, the results are significantly more muddled, with the only significant drops of three votes or more occurring between #37 and #38, #50 and #51, and #51 and #52. No ties are observed until fairly far down in the list (a three-way tie for 22nd), but they become commonplace by the end of the list (ties for 83rd, 85th, 89th, 92nd, 96th, and 98th, each separated by only a single vote).

10 - OverallClick the chart to bring up a full-screen view of it.

All these charts have been based on the results of the Top 100, but there’s thousands of other votes that aren’t restricted to these 100 games. What else would you like to see?

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