GameFAQs Top 100 Raw Data

For those of you who would like to see the raw data from the GameFAQs Top 100, I’ve made the raw votes available in the following documents. To preserve the anonymity of voters, I’ve hashed the user IDs; when you see one user ID with multiple votes, that means the same user voted for those games, but the identity of that user is secret.

The final, read-only Google document of the results can be found here.

An open, collaborative Google document of those same results can be found here. Feel free to use this to run your own analysis of the results and add your own extra information, although beware that anyone can edit this so be careful with any links and images.

Additionally, if you have Microsoft Excel 2010 or later, you can find the original Excel document of the results here.

A couple notes:

  • Original name is the raw text from the original vote. Game is the text used for the game’s name in the results. So, if the original name does not match the game in a vote, that means the vote was categorized under the game listed under ‘Game’.
  • ‘Day’ in the raw votes represents on which day of voting the vote was received.
  • The Top 100 sheet includes all the data used for the charts of the top 100 games.

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  1. Hey, what does User Hash mean? Is that just an ID for each user that voted?


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