New Venture: Gaming Symmetry

I’m happy to announce that I’ve joined together with several other prolific gaming authors, many from GameFAQs’  Top 10 lists, to form a new site: Gaming Symmetry. Gaming Symmetry can be found at, and I’ll also keep an RSS feed of our posts over there on my own main page.

The general goal of Gaming Symmetry is to write about gaming as an artistic medium, similar to film and literature. We’ll be looking at gaming through the lenses of artistry, psychology, history, politics, and various other ways in which gaming can be taken seriously. We’ll also provide some in-depth reviews of recent games that focus on evaluation from these angles as well.

Most of my work will be cross-posted between the two sites, but come by Gaming Symmetry as well for some wildly insightful readings by other great authors. At present, the site is featuring five regular features: Alice Kojiro’s Oases of Beauty, covering beautiful worlds within video games; Ali Nazifpour’s The Controller and The Lamp, about the relationship between gaming and philosophy; David Kempe’s Gaming on the House, covering free games; Minnie Liddell’s Girl Gamer, bringing a girl’s perspective to the enterprise of gaming; and my own Future of Gaming, covering my vision for what gaming will look like 15 years from now.

My first article there will be posted later today, and I’ll usually post those same articles here a day or two later.

2 Responses to “New Venture: Gaming Symmetry”

  1. Curious Pants says:

    BTW, do you ever write on Gaming Symmetry anymore?

    Follow up: DO all of your game based writings appear on GameFAQs first?

    • I still post my reviews over on GS, but I don’t write there very regularly nowadays.

      I usually post things to DDJGames first, actually, since I can control when things appear here — on GameFAQs I have to wait for Allen to approve them.

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